Hi! I'm Catherine, designer here at 2BusyNeedlepointing. I started needlepointing when I was in high school - taught by my mom, thanks Mom! - and stitched off and on throughout high school and college. My grandmother was a big needlepointer so I also learned from her - and really from studying and cherishing my Christmas stocking every year that she stitched for me when I was born.

After having my second daughter in 2021, though, is when I found my love for designing and painting canvases. I'm a Type A, Enneagram 1 introverted extrovert (*cough* anxiety-ridden control freak who prefers staying home to going out) mom of two young girls looking for canvases that speak to my love of all things colorful and humorous. In the beginning, I wanted to document my family's interests throughout the years - a needlepoint scrapbook, of sorts - and that just progressed into coming up with designs I thought (and hoped!) would be liked by all.

(Picture: Me in my natural habitat: surrounded by laundry, my phone stolen from me and turned on me by my eldest. My face saying, "send help. And needlepoint.")

  • How It Started

    My Christmas stocking, stitched by my grandmother.

  • In My Studio

    My job description; the biggest piece I've stitched; my first self-finished piece.

  • My Favorite Design

    For me, there's never been a truer statement!

The name 2BusyNeedlepointing started as my Instagram handle and then just became who I am and my response to most requests... "Mom, can you do this?" "Catherine, do you want to...?"

If only I could answer honestly each and every time, "No, sorry. I'm too busy needlepointing!"